Market Data

Market Data
High Low Last Chg
CORN 367'6 365'2 366'2 -0'4
CORN 376'2 373'4 374'4 -0'2
CORN 383'6 381'2 382'2 -0'2
SOYBEANS 1039'4 1028'0 1036'2 4'2
SOYBEANS 1050'6 1039'2 1047'4 4'2
SOYBEANS 1059'2 1048'4 1056'0 3'4
WHEAT 456'2 451'4 452'2 1'0
WHEAT 469'2 463'6 464'2 0'0
WHEAT 484'0 478'4 479'0 0'0
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Market News

USDA Crops Outlook

USDA's initial forecast for the 2018-19 crop shows slightly lower yields for corn and soybeans, but a higher wheat yield. Soybean exports could increase by 200 million bushels while corn exports will fall 150 million bushels and wheat exports will fall by 25 million bushels.

Winter Slumber Party

Brush up on the overwintering insects most likely to cause you trouble this year.

USDA Outlook: Not So Good

Overall net farm income will remain at roughly half of the 2013 levels while corn and soybean acreage are both projected at 90 million acres for the 2018 planting season. The bottom line of all of the spreadsheets and bar graphs is that there is no quick reversal in commodity prices on the horizon.

Projected Revenue Insurance Prices

February is the month in which the projected prices of corn, soybeans and spring wheat for revenue insurance purposes are determined for many states.

DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

Prices for all eight major fertilizers were higher the second week of February; however, no fertilizer was up significantly.

Smarter Than Weeds

A new technology aims to use artificial intelligence to create clean fields.

Todd's Take

Traders anticipate a big soybean harvest from Brazil and U.S. exports are in the dumps. Why are FOB soybean prices at their highest level in nearly a year?


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act significantly changed how agribusiness looks at depreciation. Bonus deprecation was one of the few items in the new law that applies retroactively. Under the new law, annual depreciation limits on passenger autos also increase significantly.

Kub's Den

An estimated $9.5 trillion of investment wealth was "created" by the stock market in the two-year rally leading up to this February -- before $3 trillion was "lost" in the recent correction. Commodity markets are affected, too, when investors panic and move their money elsewhere.