Market Data

Market Data
High Low Last Chg
CORN 360'4 358'6 359'2 0'0
CORN 369'0 367'4 368'0 0'2
CORN 378'4 377'0 377'4 0'0
SOYBEANS 914'2 910'4 912'4 1'2
SOYBEANS 919'0 916'0 917'2 1'2
SOYBEANS 920'0 917'2 918'2 1'0
WHEAT 455'4 453'0 453'4 0'2
WHEAT 471'4 469'0 469'6 0'6
WHEAT 493'4 491'4 492'2 1'0
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Market News

Grain Inspections Bullish

Corn, soybean and wheat inspections were bullish again this week in this week's export inspections report.

China Corn Acreage Down

Corn acreage in China will be down this year, but the question is exactly how much? Production estimates range from 7.7 billion bushels to as high as 8.46 billion bushels.

Cash Market Moves

Last week, NGFA and others responded to the Surface Transportation Board's request for comments on improving procedures, saying that the nature of the SAC standard the board uses is the single greatest source of delay in processing SAC cases.

Hoping for Premium Relief

Farmers aren't certain if they would fare better under the health care bill in the U.S. Senate, but they are looking for relief from a steady rise in premiums and wider spread of deductibles they've seen over the past several years.

A Sickly Harvest

The outbreak of the disease, spread by grain curl mites, stems from poor volunteer wheat control last summer and a long, warm fall.

Jury Rules Against Syngenta

A jury awarded 7,000 farmers $217.7 million in finding Syngenta at fault in the shipment of Viptera corn to China.

Dicamba Drama

Arkansas sidestepped banning dicamba for the rest of the growing season Tuesday, but a voting error pulls the question back up again on Friday.

Ag Lenders Take Caution

There are pockets of more severe financial strain, such as dryland wheat country in the western Plains and in the Southeast U.S., although lenders at last week's the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank's annual Ag Symposium did not report an excessive amount of troubled loans.

Trump Salutes Ag

President Donald Trump used his trip to Iowa on Wednesday to hit on many of the issues important to farmers and ranchers.